Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Our service offerings are what we are passionate about and proud of. We offer unmatched service and support for the solutions we provide with their complete robustness, reliability, and scalability carrying technical edge to keep your solution competitive. With proven expertise in design, development, deployment, and maintenance for a variety of scalable technology solutions for multiple businesses & domains, SaltTech continues to sharpen itself in the technology arena. We add significant value to our client’ business, their processes, and automation via technological solutions.

We offer a range of services that comprise Open Source services and consulting services to companies globally. SaltTech has proven its expertise in strategy, design, and development of wide range of applications. With innovative ideas at the bottom of software services, it has become an umbrella concept covering a great number of areas ranging from web development and software architecture to new business models. It combines a wide range of technological and social trends which form the new Internet and a new class of Applications Design. It covers the variety of web based solutions like CMS, social networking based solutions, blogs, forums and Business solutions. SaltTech covers a broad spectrum of development for its India and global clients.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

To prepare for the challenges of the next generation, enterprises are widely adopting enterprise mobility solutions. SaltTech has the expertise to deliver the best native, HTML5 and hybrid mobile apps on all platforms.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way business is conducted. Gone are the days when mobile devices were used to just check emails. As enterprises are expanding, vertically as well as geographically, employees now need to stay connected on the go – anytime, anywhere. It is time for your organization to move beyond the constraints of standard personal computers to enable flexibility in the way people work. With a shift in work habits and a greater push for BYOD (bring-your-own-device) policy, organizations need to adopt mobility solutions at an enterprise level. As more and more employees are working out of the work premises and using mobile devices to perform business tasks and access secure corporate data, building the right enterprise mobility strategy has become imperative for an organization’s success.

The Enterprise Mobility Solutions from SaltTech Technologies are designed to re-engineer your business processes and make your operations more productive and cost-effective. SaltTech provides a powerful platform for those organizations which are scaling up their business or preparing for more intense competition. Designed to streamline and support mobile enterprise management, these solutions render a comprehensive array of tools to help you solve the challenges you face while managing the mobile devices, data, and applications across your enterprise. We have significant expertise in mobile-specific features like location mapping, real–time notifications, NFC (near field communications) and synchronization across multiple devices. SaltTech emphasizes on adding value to the end user experience while ensuring consistent security compliance and performance across the enterprise. Years of experience with different enterprises and our zeal to provide the best of services can truly be realized by the multiple user-friendly customers as well as enterprise mobile apps in different domains including healthcare, telecom, education, enterprise & resource planning and corporate services.

  • Secure, Scalable and Cost-effective Mobility Solutions
  • Native, HTML5 and hybrid mobile apps
  • MBaaS Platform for Rapid Development of Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Application Management
  • End-to-end Business Apps
  • Enterprise as well as Customer Apps
  • Customer Relationship Management Apps
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Mobile responsive UI/ UX Design and Architecture
  • M-commerce or Mobile E-commerce
  • Enhancements, Version Control and Up-gradation of Mobile Apps